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Turkey Fryer fire Thanksgiving Day Burns Three buildings, Displaces 27 Residents

NFPA today – December 01, 2020

When it involves deep frying turkeys on Thanksgiving, NFPA takes a firm stance: don’t do it. Deep frying turkeys presents massive hearth dangers that make it means too dangerous to be finished safely.

An incident that passed off on Thanksgiving Day in New Bedford, MA reinforces this point. A turkey that became being deep fried on a back deck of a multi-household home caught fireplace, igniting the buildings on either side as well.

in response to local information studies, fire crews from a few communities spent hours struggling with the blaze, which brought about extensive damage to the three structures. whereas every person become capable of get outside, a total of 27 residents had been displaced from their buildings; one woman changed into taken to the medical institution after sustaining serious accidents.

This incident items an unfortunate reminder about the actual hearth risks linked to deep frying turkeys. whereas Thanksgiving is now previous, the break season has simply begun, and a few people can be planning to serve deep fried turkey as a part of their celebrations. be sure your group is well aware about the dangers and encourage any individual who would want to serve a deep-fried turkey to order one in improve from a native restaurant or grocery store, where it will also be organized safely.

additionally, feel free to download and share our iciness break tips and elements for assisting make certain communities enjoy a fireplace-secure season within the weeks forward.

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